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Life has been a balancing act for Adonis creed. Between personal and educational obligations for the next big fight, he is against the challenge of his life. The face of your opponent against her family # 39, the past only intensify his struggle in the ring soon. Rocky Balboa there by side through everything and together, Rocky and Adonis will face their common heritage, asked what # 39, S worth fighting, and found that there is no # 39, more important than family. Creed II is all about going back to basics to find back what you have mastered in the first place, and remember that no matter where you go, you # 39, T miss your stories.

In 1985, Russia Boxer Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed in the former champion’s tragic battle that shocked the world. With the wishes of coach Rocky Balboa, Apollo son Adonis Johnson received a challenge from the son Dragos–another dangerous fighter. Led by Rocky, Adonis train for his life showdown-a date with fate that soon became an obsession. Now, Johnson and Balboa must face their inheritance just as the past comes back to haunt everyone.

Former world heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa serves as a coach and mentor His son Adonis, Johnson’s friend and former rival late Apollo Creed.

Directed by: Ryan Coogler author: Ryan Coogler (author), Aaron Covington (author)

ADONIS Johnson was the son of famed boxing champion Apollo Creed, who died in a boxing match in Rocky IV (1985). ADONIS was born after his father’s death and wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father in boxing. He’s looking for a mentor that boxing former heavyweight and former friend Apollo creed, Rocky Balboa retired. Rocky agrees to guide Adonis. With the help of Rocky they hope for a job title to get even more lethal opponents than their father’s face. But if he becomes a real hunters still have to

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If the threat of Tiger force him Šera Khan to escape from the jungle, the son by name the way of his own discovery with the help of Pantera Bagheera and the free Beer baling crawls.

Directed by: Jon on Screenwriters: Justin Marx (screenplay), Rudiard Kipling (based on the book) the stars: Nijel Sejti, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley

A son can escape from the jungle to the threat of Tiger Shere Khan. She orchestrated Badie and a bear bailu, they could face the path of discovery, although he met beings that best interest in their hearts.

An epic love story about a senior man who read aloud a parent, immovable woman who regularly visit. Fade out the notebook the words of the old error leads to a life story about a couple was separated from the second world war, and he had a passionate unification, seven years later, to be separated. Although her memory fadeded, his words gave him the opportunity to revive his troubled youth and memorable love that they shared.

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Jared Eamons, son of small town Baptist pastor, must overcome the consequences after he was revealed to be gay to his parents. His father and mother struggle to reconcile their love for their son and their faith. Fearing the loss of family, friends and community, Jared is being pressured to take part in the plan of conversion therapy. As Jared comes into conflict with his guide in his journey begins to find his own voice and embrace his true self.

The son of a Baptist preacher is forced to take part in the plan of the Church backed the gay conversion after he revealed to his parents.

It was directed by Joel Evers authors: Garrard Conley (fundamentals of Boy Memoir cancellation), Joel Evers (written for the screen by) the stars: Lucas Court, Kidman’s computer, Joel Evers

The son of a Baptist preacher is forced to take part in the plan of the Church backed the gay conversion after he revealed to his parents.

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Documentary about the first world war and never-before-seen pictures of two of the last war’s centennial.

Director: Peter Jackson (‘ csm ‘ in window) {(‘ csm _ TitlePlotAndCreditSummaryWidget _ finished ‘);

} Documentary programs about World War first and never-before-seen pictures of two of the last war’s centennial.

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During family holidays, Count Dracula makes a romantic relationship.

Director: Gandhi Tartakovsky

Writers: Michael McCullers, Gandhi Tartakovsky

Stars: Adam Sunderler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family | science fiction

Country: USA

Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer Vacation 2018 720p HDCAM X264-24HD

Language: English

Source: 1XB3T


: 1 hour 28 min

File: GiB

: Sailor

Video: 3,956 kbit / s


Video: AVC


: 1072×544 pixels

Window: FPS


Audio: AAC LC

: 2 channels

Sampling: kHz

: one

: 254 kbps

Dracula Count and the sea-loving monsters involved in the cruise companies, and not knowing that his boat is called monster loving Van Van Helsinge.



MichaelMakkullers, Genda Tartakovsky | Syurpryzuvav Mavis Dracula and his family a luxurious cruise ship “Monster”, a trip to relax so we can offer a vacation for everyone. The rest of Drake Pack can not cope. But as they go to the port, the romance contains Drakula’s mysterious ship, Captain Erica. Now it’s the turn of Mavi, acting as a father and father and Yerik. Little knows the interest of love “very good to be true”, indeed, descendants of Abraham Van Helsing, old nematation Dracula and all other monster.


Now that Dennis, Drcula only vampire coisas gisa could not be Trailer at Hotel TransHryvna.Kuando um milionrio gracioso ameaa destroys the announcementat the resort, at the end of the family Drcula, and we only know the certificates.


Adam Sandler … Dracula (Wing)

Andy Samberg … Johnny (voice)

Selena Gomez … Mavis (voice)

Kevin James … Frank (voice)

Fran Drescher … Jevnica (Voice)

Steve Buscemi … Wayne (Voice)

Molly Shannon … Wanda (Voice)

David is down … Griffin (voice)

Keegan-Michael Case … Murray (voice)

Jim Gaffigan … Van Helsing (voice)

Catherine Khan … Erica (Wing)

Azer Blinkoff … Dennis (Voice)

Chris Parnell … Stan / Fish Man (voice)

Joe John … Die Kraken (voice)

Chrissy Teigen … Crystal (voice)

Mel Brooks … Vlad (voice)


Ttulo No Brasil: Hotel Trans hryvnia3: Frias Monstruos

Genuine Ttulo: Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer vacations

Year ofEmployment: 2018 year

Durao: 02h 10 min

Gnero: Animao | He comma

Raymo: Gendi Tartakovsky


Quality: BDRip

Format: MP4

Udua: Dublado

Language: Portuguese BR

Legend: Sausage

Language Yes Legend: Portugus-BR


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